Welcome to Biosol’s

Award Winning
Next Generation, Sustainable, Wastewater Technology.

Biosol products are used to
Reduces Operational Costs, Capital Expenditure and Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Biosol’s Next Generation, Sustainable wastewater management products,
treat the cause of Sewage Odour, Corrosion and Methane Gas Emissions in sewage catchments.
Biosol products also cause the release of built up Fat, Oil, Grease and Sediments from sewer mains. This improves their hydraulic efficiency, which reduces pumping energy, cost and greenhouse gas emissions.

At the treatment plant, Biosol products are used to
Accelerate Sewage Progress resulting in Better Quality Effluents and Lower Biosolid Volumes.

Biosol’s Products are Patented and
Naturally Derived.
They are the first to use
“Microbial Control Technology”

Grand Finalist and Winner of program 4 “The New Inventors” 2008

Finalist - Water Dragons
Society of British Water and Wastewater Inustries
4 November 2009