Biosol Products are Easy to Use.

Biosol products are liquids and are easy to dose. Dosing generally occurs at selected wet-wells, however they may also be dosed to manholes or any other suitable location. Depending on the situation, one or two Biosol products are dosed to the sewer using simple peristaltic pumps.

Dose rates are generally between 4 - 10ppm (4- 10 litres / 1 million litres) of treated sewage. This mean that only a small storage area is required. In addition, transport of small volumes of Biosol product when compared with traditional chemicals, means further savings in cost and greenhouse gas emissions.

Typical dosing setups are shown below.

Dosing occurs through 1 or 2 x 6mm internal diameter dosing pipes. The Biosol products just drip from the pipe onto the sewage.

Biosol use simple peristaltic pumps with product dosing controlled by off and run times. The off and run time are controlled by Omron or Nias twin timers

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