Biosol Pumps and Dosing Systems

Biosol dosing systems can easily be retrofitted to any existing sewage system. The products are non hazardous and do not require bunding or any costly capital works. Preferably Biosol products and pumps should be stored out of direct sunlight.

In above ground pump stations, room for 1 or 2 x 200 litre drums is all that is generally required, however specialized storage cabinets are available if desired.

Biosol use simple robust peristaltic pumps for product dosing. The pump off and run time is controlled by readily available Omron or NIAS twin timers.

Biosol products are generally dosed to wet-wells, however they may be dosed to manholes or any other convenient access point.
Dosing occurs through a 6mm internal diameter tube. Generally this 6 mm internal diameter tube is run through 19 mm electrical conduit to protect the tube.

Dose rates are generally between 4 - 10 ppm (4 to 10 litres of Biosol product or (products) / million litres of sewage).

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